4 Degree Mini Amplified ROADM System with Variable Gain Pre-Amp and Booster Amp (MARS-4PB)

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  • Allows individual or multiple wavelengths carrying data channels to be added and/or dropped from a transport fiber without converting the signals of the WDM channels to electronic signals then back to optical signals

Features and Benefits
  • Total Access 5000 double wide assembly
  • Wavelength provisioning based on Wavelength Selection Switch
    • The card allows flexible add/drop of any C-band wavelength combinations
    • Supports 50 GHz (88 channels) and 100 GHz (44 channels) Channel spacing
    • Supports 88 Wavelengths, ITU Channels 17 - 60.5 (1563.86 nm to 1529.16 nm)
  • COM IN amplification based on a variable gain EDFA mid-stage amplifier
    • Pre-amplifier supports insertion of dispersion compensation module in the mid-stage
  • COM OUT amplification based on an EDFA Boost amplifier
  • Optical Channel Monitoring capability with two internal monitoring points
    • Optical Channel Monitoring (OCM) simplifies remote channel monitoring and optical auto power balancing process
    • Monitors the channels on the COM IN (after the pre-amplifier) and the COM OUT (after the booster amplifier) ports
  • Auto Power Balancing on the COM OUT port
    • Balances the ADD IN and EXP IN power levels
    • Can override the auto balancing on a per channel basis
  • Threshold alarming on power levels at the aggregate and channel levels