Four Channel DWDM OADM Modules

Part Number:

  • Multiplexes and adds up to 4 DWDM wavelengths onto a composite DWDM signal
  • Demultiplexes and drops up to 4 wavelengths from an incoming composite DWDM signal
  • Part numbers for this module include:
    • 1174920G4 - Four Channel DOADM (17 to 20)
    • 1174920G3 - Four Channel DOADM (21 to 24)
    • 1174921G2 - Four Channel DOADM (25 to 28)
    • 1174922G2 - Four Channel DOADM (29 to 32)
    • 1174923G2 - Four Channel DOADM (33 to 36)
    • 1174924G2 - Four Channel DOADM (37 to 40)
    • 1174925G2 - Four Channel DOADM (41 to 44)
    • 1174926G2 - Four Channel DOADM (45 to 48)
    • 1174927G2 - Four Channel DOADM (49 to 52)
    • 1174928G2 - Four Channel DOADM (53 to 56)
    • 1174929G2 - Four Channel DOADM (57 to 60)

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