1148VX Client, ANSI

Part Number:

  • Allows service providers to realize ultra-broadband speeds with deep fiber deployments coupled with their existing copper infrastructure
  • Economically delivers 100 Mbps+ broadband to the home, enabling premium entertainment services

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Mounting Bracket

Part Number: 1179779G4    
  • Provides a mounting solution for 4th Generation Total Access 1148V (P/N 11799xxFx) installations into Emerson CoolPed pedestals
Power Supplies

Part Number: 1181520Fx    
  • 23 inch, 3 RU rack-mount chassis with slots for one Alarm/Management Module and up to fourteen Quad LPU (P/N 1181501G4) or Octal LPU (P/N 1181504G1) modules
1181520F1 - HD14 Line Power Unit Chassis With Door, CLEI: SIM6V10A_ _
1181520F2 - HD14 Line Power Unit Chassis With Locking Bar, CLEI: SIM6W10A_ _