OPTI-6100 SMX Chassis, EEPROM

Part Number:

  • A rack- or wall-mountable foundation for the OPTI-6100 Multi-Service Provisioning Platform
  • Equipped with appropriate modules, the SMX chassis supports a SONET network and a variety of tributary circuit types
  • Requires a System Controller Module (SCM, P/N 1184500L1 or SCM2, P/N 1184500L2)

Features and Benefits
  • Dimensions (in inches): 3.5 (2U) High × 10.5 Deep × 8.5 Wide
  • Terminal and UPSR operating modes
  • HS/MS slots are arranged in pairs to support redundancy (available on all OMM and most tributary modules)
  • External fan assemblies for convection or forced cooling
  • Remote inventory retrieval via the SCM
  • Several rackmount and wallmount options available