MX2820 23" Chassis

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The ADTRAN MX2820 system with a 23-inch chassis houses up to 18 MUX modules to provide nine redundant M13/STS-1 modules in 2U rack units of space.

The ADTRAN MX2820 MUX modules are capable of combining independent T1s, E1s, or T1s and E1s on the same DS3/STS-1 signal. Each pair of MUX modules provides built-in 1:1redundancy on the DS1 and DS3/STS-1 circuits.


ADTRAN MX2820 19 Inch Chassis

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Blank Face Plate

Part Number: 1186011L1    
Part Number: 1186010L1    
Connectors and Adapters

Part Number: 1186026L2    
Part Number: 1186023L2    
Part Number: 1186028L2    
Part Number: 1186024L2    
Part Number: 1186035L2    
Part Number: 1186029L2    
Part Number: 1186035L3    
Part Number: 1186022L1    
Part Number: 1186022L2    
Part Number: 1186020L1    
Part Number: 1186020L2    
Part Number: 1186021L1    
Part Number: 1186021L2    
Part Number: 1186100L1    
Part Number: 1186100L2    
Part Number: 1186150L1    
Part Number: 1186150L2    
Part Number: 1186025L2    
Part Number: 1186050L1    
Part Number: 1186050L2    
Part Number: 1186025L1    
Fan, Filter and Housings

Part Number: 1186009L1    
Part Number: 1186006L2    
  • Single 1U housing that incorporates an air filter, circuit boards, and four fans to provide forced air ventilation for 23-inch rack-mounted equipment such as the Total Access 1500 or 3000 chassis
  • The Fan Module is mounted below the equipment to be cooled
Part Number: 1186006L1    
  • Single 1U housing that incorporates a filter, circuit boards, and fans to provide forced air ventilation for the 23" MX2820 Chassis and all of its associated modules
  • Installed below the MX2820 Shelf and is designed to cool a single chassis
Part Number: 1186009L3    


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