Total Access 5000 OC3 ATM 4-Port Line Module

Part Number:

  • Provides four optical interfaces to the Total Access 5000
  • Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP) cages are provided on the front panel to allow for a variety of optical requirements

Features and Benefits
  • Provides four ATM OC3 access ports via approved SFPs
  • Supports Level 2 Transmission protocol
  • Supports Sonet (OC3) and SDH (STM-1)
  • Supports Management Channel designation for Virtual Path Identifiers (VPI) or Virtual Channel Identifiers (VCI)
  • Enables multiplexing for Logical Link Control (LLC) or Virtual Channel (VC)
  • Collects Performance Monitoring data in 15-minute and 24-hour increments
  • Supports multi-node ATMoE capabilities
  • Supports Both Shared Facility and Dual Facility Redundancy