SDX 6310-16

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The ADTRAN SDX 6310 is an open, programmable, and scalable access device that supports XGS-PON and NG-PON2 access interfaces. This OLT access device is a part of ADTRAN’s next-generation, data center optimized aggregation architecture that aligns with the forward-looking industry trend to build massively scalable and open systems.

Being built around an open architecture, the SDX 6310 can be aggregated by any high-density aggregation system, including the ADTRAN SDX 8200 and 8300 series aggregation switches.

From a programmability perspective, the SDX 6310 has open APIs that utilize standard NETCONF/YANG interfaces for all management functions, easing the integration into an SDN-controlled environment.

For scalability, the SDX 6310 is built around a “pay-as-you-grow” architecture where you simply add GPON/NG-PON2 OLTs as needed without the upfront investment or system constraints of a big iron chassis system.