MX2800 Multiplexer Chassis

Part Number:

  • M13 multiplexer that consolidates T1 and E1 signals into a T3 circuit
  • Houses two hot-swappable Controller Cards that provide 1-to-1 redundancy for the T1 and T3 signals
  • Houses redundant power supply cards

Part Number: 1205288L2 CLEI: M3C3GDXA_ _  
The Total Access MX2800 Controller Card (CCU) is a plug-in unit for the MX2800 chassis that provides 1:1 redundancy for the T1 and T3 signals as well as the T3 connections. With two cards installed, the MX2800 can recover from circuit failure.

Blank Face Plate

Part Number: 1200466L1 CLEI: M3MYAB4MAA  
  • Replaces original chassis faceplate
  • Allows units to be stacked directly on top of each other
  • For use with the 1202289L1 and 1202289L2 power supplies

Part Number: 1200287L7    
Part Number: 1200657L3    
  • Two (2) - 15' Coax Cables
  • For DS3 connections
Part Number: 1200287L6    
Part Number: 1200287L5    
  • 50' cable
  • Provides a 64-pin Amphenol on one end for direct connect to the MX2800 or MX2810 and a wire at the other end for connection to a frame or punch down block
Part Number: 1200657L4    
  • Two (2) - 50' Coax Cables
  • For DS3 Connections
Part Number: 1200657L6    
  • Two (2) - 6' Coax cable
  • For DS3 connection
Part Number: 1200657L2    
  • Required to connect to the power and power alarm connectors
    of the MX2800 and to the AC/DC Charger (1175043L2)
Part Number: 1200657L10    
  • Power supply cable
  • Used with MX2810 and Total Access 750/850
Mounting Bracket

Part Number: 1200293L1    
  • Allows OCU 45 19" dual mounting tray or 19" MX2800 RJ Patch Panel to be mounted in a 23" rack
Part Number: 1200293L4    
  • Rackmount brackets
Part Number: 1200293L3    
  • Allows MX2800 Chassis to be wall mounted
Patch Panel

Part Number: 1200291L2 CLEI: M3MYAB5MAA  
  • Double patch panel
Power Supplies

Part Number: 1202289L3 CLEI: M3PQ0A9BAA  
  • Plug-in unit for the MX2800 chassis that provides the necessary voltages required to operate the MX2800 and accessories, such as, the fan front panel
Part Number: 1202289L1 CLEI: M3PQ0A4BAA  
Part Number: 1202289L2 CLEI: M3PQ0A5BAA