Bluesocket 3045 802.11ac Wave 2 (4x4:4) indoor AP

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The Bluesocket 3045 APs provide the highest performance and reliable coverage in ultra-high density wireless environments such as indoor arenas, conference centers, libraries, and other high traffic areas.

The Bluesocket 3045 Series APs support the newer generation of laptops with three stream radio support, and offer higher receive sensitivity on both the 2.4 and 5 GHz radios to compensate for Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) such as smartphones and tablets and Internet of Things (IoT) devices that have a fraction of the transmit power of traditional laptops.

Part Number: 1951900G1    

Bluesocket vWLAN was built from the ground up to solve the challenges associated with hardware-based controllers. vWLAN’s unique distributed, out-of-band, controller-less architecture introduces the concept of splitting the management and control plane from the data plane. vWLAN centralizes management and control in the data center (on a hypervisor) or in the cloud (public or private), and distributes data with intelligent APs that enforce policies at the edge of the network. With vWLAN, there are no single points of failure, bottlenecks, or scalability concerns associated with hardware-based controllers.

Power Supplies

Part Number: 1700926F1    
Single port (10/100/1000) IEEE 802.3af PoE injector for the Bluesocket Access Points 1920/1925/1930/1935/2030/2035/3040/3045