NetVanta 1544

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The NetVanta 1544 is a managed, 28-port, Layer 3, Gigabit Ethernet switch designed as an access layer or network backbone switch for small to medium businesses. With the combination of the advanced multi-layer switching fabric, high-bandwidth capabilities, and enhanced Quality of Service features, the NetVanta 1544 is ideal as an aggregation switch for high-bandwidth VoIP, Gigabit-to-the-Desktop deployments, and converged voice and data networks.

Part Number: 1700845G1    

ADTRAN's VMware ready n-Command MSP platform is a powerful and easy-to-use network management system that provides real-time monitoring and management for a wide range of ADTRAN business networking solutions. Using ADTRAN n-Command MSP can improve network operations and business-class Voice over IP (VoIP) performance for service providers and enterprise organizations who are implementing ADTRAN's industry-leading NetVanta and Total Access 900 Series equipment running the ADTRAN Operating Systems (AOS).

Rackmount Brackets & Mounting Hardware

Part Number: 1700508F1    

Shelf allows two NetVanta 1531/1534/1544 (2nd Gen) Ethernet Switches or Dual NetVanta 3140 Routers to be mounted side-by-side in a standard 19" rack.

Part Number: 1700511F1    
19” Rackmount brackets allowing NetVanta 1531 (1st Gen), 1531P (1st Gen) Switches, or the NetVanta 3140 Router to be mounted into a 19” rack.  Includes two brackets and screws not shipped with those products.  Brackets and screws can also be used to mount the NetVanta 1534 (2nd Gen) and 1544 (2nd Gen) although normally shipped with the original products.
Part Number: 1700512F1    
Double height bracket allows two NetVanta 1531/1534/1544 (2nd Gen) Ethernet Switches or Dual NetVanta 3140 Routers to be stacked and wall mounted.
Part Number: 1200884G1    

19" Rackmount brackets allowing 1U NetVanta products to be mounted into a 19" rack.  Includes two brackets and screws that normally ship with the respective NetVanta product.  For use with NetVanta 1224, 123x series (2nd Gen), 1500 series, 3205, 3305, 4305, 6355, 7060, 7100 products.  Not for use with NetVanta 123x (1st Gen) or NetVanta 1600 series products. Also used for wall mounting the NetVanta 1531(P), 1534 (2nd Gen), 1544 (2nd Gen), and 3140.