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ADTRAN Operating System Updates (IP Telephony)

Knowledge is power, and ADTRAN offers this exclusive AOS features updates to you, the members of our certified community. As an individual holding an ADTRAN sales or technical certification in IP Telephony, you can are invited to attend these updates live or to view them from our AOS archives.


                                                                                                  AOS Update Archives

AOS Version
AOS A4.02AOS A4.02 Update Recording
(Click here to view)
  • Call Queuing
  • Find Me / Follow Me
  • Software-based music on hold
  • E911 - Caller ID override for emergency calls
  • Multilingual Auto Attendant and Voice Mail
AOS A2.04AOS A2.04 Update Recording
(Click here to view)
  • AOS A2.04 New Features
  • Paging through the phones
  • New graphical user interface
  • Increased number of voice users
  • Expanded SIP users from 50 to 100



AOS A2.01
AOS A2.01 Update Recording (Click here to view)
    • AOS A2.01 New Features
    • Voicemail wav Attachment to Email
    • Enhanced ANI Substitution
    • AOS Voice Loopback Accounts
    • SIP Trucking to Soft Switches
    • SIP Networking Between NetVanta 7000 Series Products
    • Source and ANI Based Routing (SABR)
    AOS A1
    AOS A1 Update Recording (Click here to view)
    • SIP Trunking to Carrier (BroadSoft)
    • Full PRI Support (24 channels)
    • GUI Support for ADTRAN phones
    • SLA Phase 2
    • System Mode support (Day/Night)
    • Voicemail Enhancements
    • Top Talkers (ITM)
    • Top Websites
    • VQM support
    • Wireless Controller
    • Portal List
    AOS 15

    AOS 15 Update Recording (Click here to view)

    • Shared line Appearance
    • Busy lamp field monitoring increase to32
    • New Voicemail system features
    AOS 14
    AOS 14 Update Recording (Click here to view)
    • AOS 14 Voice Features
    • NetVanta 7100 tips and tricks
    • NetVanta 7100 Top 5 Technical Support calls
    • NetVanta 7100 Telephony resources
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