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Virtual Wireless LAN Certifications

The ADTRAN Virtual Wireless LAN Certification includes training on ADTRAN's family of high performance Bluesocket Access Points (APs) which are a perfect fit for enterprises who are deploying secure wireless networks.

To enroll in ADTRAN Certification training you must login and enter ADTRAN University (www.adtranuniversity.com). Please note that if you have never logged in to the ADTRAN web site you will need to register. Once you have entered ADTRAN University you will find quick links to our certification paths.

Each certification is valid for three years. 

Dates and locations of required instructor-led training events

Virtual Wireless LAN Certifications

ADTRAN Sales Professional (ASP)
ADTRAN Sales Professional for Internetworking  (ASP/vWLAN) is for sales people who are interested in learning how to qualify sales opportunities for ADTRAN's Virtual Wireless LAN solutions. provides key features benefits and applications for the  This training will teach students the applications that are appropriate for these products, as well as key features and benefits that differentiate them from the competition. The self-paced training course and exam are free.
Suggested Training:
ASP/vWLAN Course
Exam:Pass the ASP/vWLAN Exam
ADTRAN Technical Support Associate (ATSA)

ADTRAN Technical Support Associate for Virtual Wireless LAN (ATSA/vWLAN) is the foundation level certification for technical staff responsible for designing and implementing ADTRAN's NetVanta Virtual Wireless LAN products. This training provides a solid understanding of basic data, internetworking and wireless concepts The self-paced online training curriculum and exam are free.

Suggested Training:
Exam:Pass the ATSA/IN Exam
ADTRAN Technical Support Professional (ATSP)

ADTRAN Technical Support Professional for Virtual Wireless LAN (ATSP/vWLAN) is a professional level certification for technical staff responsible for designing, implementing and supporting solutions using ADTRAN’s Virtual Wireless LAN products. To achieve this certification, the student must successfully complete and master the concepts covered in ATSA/vWLAN, complete the ATSP/vWLAN certification training, and pass the ATSP/vWLAN exam.

Required Training:

ADTRAN offers ATSP/vWLAN Instructor-led  Training (ILT) to prepare for the ATSP/vWLAN Exam.

Exam:Pass the ATSP/vWLAN Exam