Multiservice Access Routers

ADTRAN NetVanta Multiservice Access RoutersNetVanta Multiservice Access Routers deliver greater throughput and offer a variety of networking functions wrapped into a single chassis: The NetVanta 3448 and NetVanta 1335 Multiservice Access Routers are VoIP-ready routers that include a modular WAN interface, IP router,PoE switch (Layer 2 or Layer 3), firewall, and VPN. The NetVanta 1335 takes this integration concept one step further by including an 802.11a/b/g Wireless Access Point (WAP).

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Products by Line/Family
  • NetVanta 3400 Series
    • Part Number: 1200824G1    
      Dual slot/Dual Ethernet Multiservice Access Router with an integral eight-port switch

NetVanta Routers

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