Total Access 3050 Splitter Platform

The Total Access 3050 RT Splitter Chassis is an xDSL Splitter Chassis and is designed to work in conjunction with the Total Access 3000 Chassis (P/N 1181001L1) when configured as a DSLAM. The RT Splitter Chassis can accommodate 28 xDSL splitter modules (P/N 1183002L1, 1183008L1, and 1183002L2) matching 1-to-1 with the 28 modules in the Total Access 3000 chassis. The RT Splitter Chassis mounts in a standard 23-inch wide rack.

The RT Splitter Chassis allows POTS to continue to operate normally with or without the splitter module installed. This enables splitter modules to be serviced without impacting the “lifeline” POTS service. Cut-through modules (P/N 1183003L1 and 1183003L2) are available for accommodating the deployment of other services such as Octal SHDSL, IDSL, and FR out of the corresponding Total Access 3000. The DS1 Cut-through module (P/N 1183008L1) is available for accommodating the deployment of Circuit Emulation Services (CES), DS1, and DSX-1out of the corresponding Total Access 3000. An optional Metallic Test Access (MTA) Module (P/N 1183010L1) can be installed in the leftmost position of the RT Splitter Chassis.

Part Number: 1183001L1 CLEI: VAM5Z00FRA  

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