High Performance Ethernet

High Performance Ethernet allows service providers to offer greater than 100Mbps rates to enterprises of all verticals at the lowest start up cost and quickest time to market, compared to fiber only deployment models. We have a strong track record of accelerating network changes that enable service providers to quickly launch new revenue generating services.

According to Vertical Systems Group < 20% of European commercial buildings with 20+ employees have a fiber access option. Ovum Research reports that >3 million Ethernet end-points will be deployed globally from 2011-2015 for delivering 100Mbps Ethernet services. 100Mbps is the largest service segment in North America, Europe and Asia.

This product set can deliver up to a 400Mbps rate which is 6x higher than typical Ethernet over Copper solutions and 4-8x more than Business DSL typically provides. Enterprises will benefit from 100Mbps service levels to accelerate next generation applications and services. For example, medical institutions can enable new high resolution imaging equipment or quickly respond to regulatory initiatives for expanding tele-medicine capabilities. With High Performance Ethernet, the adoption of these new services is accelerated as the prerequisite access services are offered regardless of site proximity to fiber access. No more wait listing customers.

The solutions are an alternative to costly fiber or microwave build-outs or expensive SDH/SONET access. High Performance Ethernet is optimized for delivering high-capacity downstream bandwidth to better align with the traffic demands associated with cloud computing, as well as traditional business applications such as email and streaming video.

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