Cell Site Backhaul Optimization

At the base of a cell site tower is more than a CDMA or GSM base station needing a T1/E1 connection. There is a host of equipment interfaces needing to be groomed, consolidated, aggregated and sent along with the mobile communications back to the central office. Various solutions are available to backhaul all of these different connections whether remote antennae management, door alarms and/or FXO/FXS craftsperson phone set support. Ultra-versatile Channel Service and Data Service Units (CSU/DSU), TDM/PDH/SONET/SDH Multiplexers, Pseudowire or T1/E1 circuit emulation over packet networks all support driving down the cost of delivering backhaul to GSM, UMTS and CDMA base transceiver sub-stations (BTS) by optimizing the multiple connections needed to support overall cell site operations.
Provide cell site services access consolidation and optimization to reduce costs at cell sites using T1 and DS3 leased facilities for backhaul.
Support legacy TDM voice and new data services using a single network.
Provide cell site services, access consolidation, and optimization to reduce costs at cell sites using DS3 or SONET/SDH leased facilities for backhaul.
Compact, environmentally hardened SONET/SDH NIU and CSU solutions allow the consolidation of Ethernet, DS0, and DS1 into a single SONET/SDH facility up to OC48/STM-16.