The OPTI-6100 is a robust platform solution for wireless backhaul applications and is perfectly suited for delivery of the following services:
  • High density DS1s
  • Ethernet over SONET
  • Ethernet over PDH
  • TDM over Pseudowire
  • Multiple DS3 delivery
The OPTI-6100 provides interworking with SONET optical networks which is achieved through the use of industry standard protocols and extensive field testing. Services are configured via plug-in units, which are provisioned according to the service needs of individual locations. This flexibility of multiple plug-in units eliminates the need for separate network elements and minimizes CAPEX and OPEX by delivering multiple services from a single system. Most plug-in units may be optionally protected, minimizing possible service failures to either the network facilities or to end customers, and enabling "carrier class" reliability.

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