Mobile Exchange Optimization (MTSO)

Wireless service providers utilize digital cross-connect systems (DCS) to groom and aggregate backhaul traffic from dozens or even hundreds of cell sites and switch/route that traffic to the appropriate centralized radio network controller (RNC) or mobile switching center (MSC) gear residing in the mobile exchange or mobile telephone switching office (MTSO). These DSC are often at or near their end of life and maintaining this incumbent equipment can be very expensive. Our solutions provide economic relief via shelf space saving expansion or service migration capabilities.
Increasing demand for bandwidth intensive data services is requiring many mobile service providers to upgrade existing Digital Access Cross Connect System (DCS) equipment.
With the advent of packet-switching, IP backhaul, and Ethernet-fed base stations, many mobile carriers are looking to curb or even eliminate legacy spending on TDM and Optical infrastructure.
Digital Access Cross Connect Systems (DCS) provide valuable switching and grooming capabilities to a network, but they are often burdened by capacity limitations.