Unlike box-only solutions, ADTRAN leverages both an on-site appliance and a dedicated backbone network, controlling traffic both to and from business-critical SaaS applications.   

Our unique cloud-based network architecture and SD-WAN technology optimizes application performance across multiple ISP connections giving you the site-to-cloud architecture your business needs to keep your business running and your users happy.

The ADTRAN 934 SD-WAN edge appliance connects your business to our SD-WAN Cloud-based Network using up to 4 different Internet WAN circuits. This appliance is designed for easy, IT-free setup and installs quickly and transparently on the WAN side of your existing firewall without any changes to your existing security or network policies. This appliance is perfect for small and medium sized businesses or a geographically dispersed distributed enterprise.

Features & Benefits:
  • Unique Site-to-Cloud Architecture
  • Works with existing firewalls for zero impact on existing security policies
  • Last-Mile Redundancy for maximum reliability and guaranteed uptime
  • Same IP Address Failover assures a smooth failover without disruption
  • Intelligent Load Balancing monitors circuit conditions in real-time to match application traffic needs relative to circuit performance
  • Dynamic QoS enables enterprise-grade service over non-SLA circuits
  • Pre-configured for plug-and-play install