Our portfolio of field-proven DSU and ISDN solutions offers technologically advanced data transport in an economically priced package, with network management and disaster recovery. ADTRAN’s DSU and ISU Series include cost-effective DDS 56/64 kbps DSUs, ISDN Service Units (ISUs), NT1s, and Inverse Multiplexers to extend and terminate DDS and ISDN Basic Rate Interface services for videoconferencing, disaster recovery, and high-speed file transfer.
Terminate and pass ISDN PRI from the network to the equipment or convert ESF/B8Z8 to D4/AMI line codes
Provides a central site rackmount solution for terminating multiple T1, ISDN, or DDS circuits
Offers PRI to T1 conversion as well as dynamic, call-by-call switching using integral dial plan and switchboard
Provides a range of interfaces including ISDN PRI, BRI, V.35, EIA-530, RS-449 and RS-366 dialing so multiple video conferencing devices can dynamically share a common WAN ISDN PRI connection