hiX 5600 IU_VPLU72-B2 Line Card

Part Number:

  • 72-port Voice over POTS Line Card

Features and Benefits
  • Provides market leading service density for POTS deployments
  • Supports service-aware provisioning and troubleshooting
  • Allows both central office and remote terminal deployments
  • Onboard remotely managed line test feature (ILTF)
  • SIP or H.248 enabled
  • High density with 72 ports per card
  • Support of geographical resilience of control server
  • Basic emergency calls in stand-alone situation with hunting groups
  • Basic local calls in stand-alone situation
  • Individual configurable line and tone parameter
  • Payphone support
  • Voice band data fax and modem support
  • Support of RFC 2833 for DTMF and fax/modem tones
  • T.38 Fax relay