Total Access 3000/3010 T1-OR/NIU

Part Number:

  • Provides office repeater functionality in a single slot interface module
  • Enhances existing T1 repeater spans
  • Provides troubleshooting capabilities through either locally or remotely-programmed options and loopbacks

Features and Benefits
  • Screen provisioning and troubleshooting via menus through the System Controller Unit (SCU)
  • ESF and SF compatibility
  • Provisionable DS1 Line Build Out (0 to -22.5dB)
  • Provisionable DSX-1 Line Build Out ( 0 to 655 feet in 133 feet increments)
  • AMI and B8ZS compatible
  • Provisionable span power
  • Addressable loopbacks
  • DSX monitor jacks
  • Front panel Bantam jacks and span power test points
  • Seven day storage and real-time performance monitoring information