Total Access 3000 Voice Cell Processor

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Features and Benefits
  • Software provisionable via menu access or SNMP (no on board switches)
  • Supports standard T1 MIB 1406 for alarm states on the DSX-1 interface
  • AMI or B8ZS line coding on the DSX-1 interface
  • SF, ESF, or Unframed formats on the DSX-1 interface
  • Converts up to 24 "voice only" PVCs from the ATM MUX, each carrying one active voice channel, into TDM PCM voice band information in a single DSX-1 interface. Supports the Jetstream(TM) VoDSL CPX Host to IAD Protocol
  • Converts Jetstream(TM) VoDSL call progress messaging to Robbed-Bit Signaling information on the DSX-1 interface
  • Provides an ATM end station UNI interface at the TA3000 backplane.