Total Access 3000 DSX-1 Frame Relay Access Module

Part Number:
SIC2450K_ _

  • Terminates up to 24 DS0s of "channelized" or "non-channelized" Frame Relay traffic and converts them to an ATM signal that is sent through the Cell Switch Module (CSM) to the ATM network

Features and Benefits
  • Software provisionable via menu access or SNMP (no onboard switches)
  • Supports standard RFC 1213, 2493, 2495, and 2863 MIBs
  • Software upgrade using Y-Modem or TFTP protocols
  • AMI or B8ZS line coding on the DSX-1 interface
  • SF or ESF framing formats on the DSX-1 interface
  • 24 logical frame relay ports in the channelized mode and up to 12 in the unchannelized mode
  • UNI-DCE on a logical port basis
  • Supports Static, Annex A, Annex D, or LMI on a logical port basis
  • Two octet DLCI Addressing
  • Supports Bc, Be, and CIR on a per PVC basis
  • FRF.8 (ATM/FR) PVC Service Interworking
  • FRF.5 (ATM/FR) PVC Network Interworking
  • Single ATM port interface to the CSM
  • Flexible mapping of DS0s to logical ports in the unchannelized mode
  • Fixed mapping of four PVCs per logical port
  • Power, DSX-1 loop status, and Test Status LEDs