Total Access 3000/3010 Octal ADSL2+ POTS Splitter Module

Part Number:

  • Provides 8 low pass filters (Splitters) for ADSL interfaces and supports T1.413i2, G.dmt, G.lite, ADSL2, ADSL2 Lite, ADSL2+, and READSL standards
  • Installs directly into a Total Access 3000/3010 shelf and accepts the Octal ADSL2+ with Carriage (ADSL-C) Access Module (P/N 1181426L2)
  • The two modules together provide 8 ports of ADSL with POTS splitters and use two adjacent slots in the Total Access 3000/3010 shelf
  • Provides connections to the Total Access 3000/3010 backplane for the ADSL-C Access Module

Features and Benefits
  • Provides 8 low pass filters (splitters) for ADSL
  • Used in conjunction with ADSL-C Access Module (P/N 1181426L2)
  • Supports ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL2+, and READSL standards
  • Compatible with Total Access 3000/3010 chassis