Total Access 3000 DS3 ATM Line Module

Part Number:

  • Doublewide access module that adds a loop bound DS3 interface to the Total Access 3000/3010 DSLAM
  • Interface may be used to feed a subtended DS3 Cell Switch Module (CSM) based Total Access 3000/3010 DSLAM to provide increased bandwidth concentration
  • Provides support for up to 3136 DSL customers from one ATM DS3 network feed

Features and Benefits
  • Subtend up to 7 shelves with redundant configuration or up 14 with nonredundant configuration.
  • Supports administration using Total Access EMS via the System Controller Unit
  • Synchronized PM and provisioning between active and standby units? 1:1 equipment protection using second DS3LM
  • Front panel mounted manual Automatic Protection Switch (APS)
  • Allows a single network feed to support up to 3136 DSL circuits
  • TL1 and SNMP management support through SCU
  • Operation over a temperature range of -40?C to +65?C