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Total Access 3010 19" Chassis

Part Number:

  • Can function as either a DSLAM or as a TDM platform
  • When used as a DSLAM, the Total Access 3010 can be used to provide services such as xDSL, SHDSL, DSX-1, and E1
  • When used as a TDM platform, the Total Access 3010 can be used to provide a variety of digital services, including HDSL, HDSL2, DSX, T1, TR-SDSL, ETSI SDSL, and ISDN over copper lines as well as four T1s over optical fiber

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System Configurations
DS1/E1 access is provided via either the Quad Fiber modules (QDFC/QDFR) or ADTRAN's OPTI-6100 MSPP.
High-density, compact footprint DSLAMS ideal for delivery of POTS and ADSL services, as well as migration from TDM to ATM to IP switching