Total Access 3000 2-Wire/4-Wire SHDSL LTU

Part Number:

  • Receives a G.703 signal from the network and transmits an SHDSL signal to the customer
  • Signals are transmitted/ received via the chassis backplane connectors

Features and Benefits
  • BAU interface with 4-wire SHDSL operation
  • Basic loopback test on a SHDSL loop basis
  • Full management support of the ADTRAN SHDSL 4-wire NTU
  • Management under SNMP via SCU module
  • Flash programmable
  • Supports remote NTU software downloads
  • Data throughput is adjustable from 192 kbps to 2048 kbps in 64 k increments
  • SHDSL loop performance monitoring
  • SHDSL loop attenuation and signal-to-noise ratio records