Part Number:

  • Single 1U housing that incorporates a filter, circuit boards, and fans to provide forced air ventilation for the 23" MX2820 Chassis and all of its associated modules
  • Installed below the MX2820 Shelf and is designed to cool a single chassis

Features and Benefits
  • Mounts directly below a 23" MX2820 Chassis (P/N 1186001L2) and provides enough forced air ventilation to keep the internal shelf temperature no greater than 20?C above the external ambient temperature.
  • Occupies one rack mounting space in a 23" rack and includes all the necessary brackets and mounting hardware.
  • Accommodates two power inputs, ?24 V to ?48 V (A and B) with one ?24 V or ?48 V return per input.
  • Should be powered from the rack fuse and alarm panel.
  • Reports alarms via the MX2820 SCU.
  • Provides front panel LEDs to indicate status of the fans.
  • Allows fan and filter replacement from the front without rewiring or removing the assembly from the rack.