Total Access 5000 23-Inch ANSI Chassis

Part Number:

  • Provides the primary platform for distribution of high speed subscriber services
  • Consists of two Switch Module slots (SM A and SM B), a System Controller Module slot (12/SCM) slot, and 22 module slots (1 to 11) and (13 to 22)

The Total Access 5000 is built on and around the principals of Ethernet being the most efficient and cost effective means of transporting data through a system and into the core of a telecommunication network. Ethernet not only supports HSI, IPTV, VoIP and Enhanced Broadband, but it also provides a solid medium to transport and interwork legacy services. With the Total Access 5000’s intelligent design, it is a platform the service provider can count on for current and future networks.

The following lists a few of the key services and applications provided by the Total Access 5000:

  • FTTP
    • GPON
  • Broadband Digital Loop Carrier
    • ADSL2+ Combo
    • VDSL2+ Combo
    • Voice over IP (VoIP)
    • GR303
    • TR08 (Mode 1 and Mode 2)
  • High Density DSLAM
    • ADSL2+
    • VDSL2
  • Legacy Service Migration
    • ATM Aggregation and Interworking
    • Frame Relay
  • Carrier Ethernet
    • EoCu
    • EoTDM
    • EoFiber
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System Configurations
High-density, compact footprint DSLAMS ideal for delivery of POTS and ADSL services, as well as migration from TDM to ATM to IP switching
Backhaul-optimized, packet optical solutions focused on creating agile middle-mile and metro networks that cost-effectively aggregate and transport incumbent SONET/SDH and Ethernet backhaul services.
Enabling the convergence of 1 Gigabit services commonly deployed for FTTH rollouts