Total Access 5000 Splitter VDSL2 32-Port Access Module

Part Number:
BVL27W0C_ _

  • Allows POTS and xDSL signals to coexist on a single cable pair
  • Supports both ADSL and VDSL signals and provides the carriage for both ADSL and VDSL Access Modules

Features and Benefits
  • Composite xDSL + POTS source
  • 32-ports POTS signals
  • 32-ports VDSL signals
  • 32-ports ADSL2+ signals
  • POTS high frequency transients filtered from xDSL ports
  • POTS service not affected by removal of xDSL2 module
  • Provides Metallic Test Access (MTA)
      - Monitor
      - Full Split
  • Meets GR-63-CORE/GR-1089-CORE (NEBS) requirements