Total Access 5000 DS3 ATM 1-Port Line Module

Part Number:
BVCU804M_ _

  • Provides a DS3 Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) interface to the Total Access 5000 shelf.
  • Can be used to aggregate and provide either an interworking function whereby ATM cells are interworked into Ethernet packets for delivery to the Gigabit Ethernet network, or provide simple aggregation function whereby ATM cells are temporarily encapsulated for transport across the backplane to another ATM Module for an ATM delivery to the network.

Features and Benefits
  • Provides ATM DS3 access via a BNC network connection
  • Supports Level 2 Transmission protocol
  • Supports DS3 framing for the following:
      - C-BIT Direct Map
      - M23 Direct Map
      - C-BIT Parity Physical Layer Convergence Procedure (PLCP)
      - M23 PLCP
  • Supports Management Channel designation for Virtual Path Identifiers (VPI) and Virtual Channel Identifiers (VCI)
  • Enables Multiplexing For Logical link Control (LLC) or Virtual Channel (VC)
  • Collects Performance Monitoring data in 15-minute and 24-hour increment
  • Supports multi-node ATMoE capabilities
  • Optional Redundancy