Total Access 5000 EFM Bonding Protection Module

Part Number:

  • Provides EFM bonding engine protection for any EFM SHDSL (1187180L1) or DS1 EFM (11878021L1) access module installed in a Total Access 5000 beginning with System Release 3.2
  • Intended for installation in the Total Access 5000 19 inch and 23 inch domestic shelves

ADTRAN AnyPort Bonding and associated Bonding Protect Module

Being able to bond together EoCu or EoTDM service facilities using ports from different card slots within the aggregating platform significantly increases the reliability and flexibility of the EFM-bonded service. Spreading the bonded group across multiple slots means that a single access module failure cannot disable the service. This is the function of ADTRAN AnyPort Bonding sometimes referred to as cross-slot bonding.

AnyPort bonding should be considered a necessity not just from a service resiliency benefit but also from an operational perspective. Adds, changes, and deletions are a part of everyday service deployment, and the ability to assign unused ports wherever they exist in the chassis is a must. It would be operationally disastrous to have to re-groom multiple customers’ services every time churn occurs.

The ADTRAN AnyPort bonding scheme maximizes deployment flexibility and resiliency by allowing customers to deploy 32-Port E.SHDSL and 32-Port DS1/E1 Access Modules with EFM bonding groups across multiple card slots on the chassis. The Total Access 5000 32-Port EFM Access Modules along with the Bonding Protection Module allows for non-traffic affecting in-service replacement through both port/link (data path) and bonding engine resources (control path) resiliency.