Total Access 5000/5006 Second Generation System Controller Module (SCM G2) - International

Part Number:

  • Provides a logical user interface to the entire system
  • Enables provisioning of modules, alarm status monitoring, the querying of performance data, and the initiation of tests for any module in the shelf
  • Supports SNMP, CLI, TL1, Telnet, SSHv2, and local admin access for the entire Total Access 5000 system

Features and Benefits
  • Communication with other Total Access Systems
  • Provides various interfaces for both local and remote management, including an ADMIN serial (DB-9) interface port and two Ethernet ports on the front panel with auto crossover correction that supports a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server
  • Monitors system status and controls alarm relays
  • Provides alarm status by way of TL1 and SNMP
  • Front panel Alarm Cut Off (ACO) switch
  • Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) support for real-time clock synchronization
  • Provides the SNMP and TL1 Network Management Application (NMA) interface for the entire Total Access 5000 system
  • Accepts up to 16 external alarm inputs
  • Maintains an alarm history and system event log
  • Software can be upgraded while in the field without affecting service
  • Each module in the system can be upgraded/downgraded as necessary to ensure all modules are at a specified release level
  • Supports FTP, TFTP, FTOT (File Transfer over TL1), and SFTP (Secure FTP) remote file transfer methods
  • Auto provisioning/copy provisioning of modules
  • Security account management
  • MUX Network Provisioning Storage (MNPS)
  • Terminal server port
  • IP forwarding and inband management
  • System Configuration Archive (SCA)
  • RADIUS server support
  • TACACS+ with Accounting, Authentication and Authorization (AAA) support
  • Command Line Interface (CLI) as a Menu and provisioning alternative
  • Security account expiration and password aging support
  • Provides ping utility support on the IP Management interfaces
  • Supports general file export mechanism for off-system transfer of data from line/access modules (i.e., SELT/DELT data)
  • Telnet and Secure Shell Version 2 (SSHv2) support
  • Stores database information for each card in the system for restore operations