Total Access 5000 E1 CEM 32-Port Line Module

Part Number:

  • Delivers 32 circuit-emulated E1 pseudowires to a packet switched network (PSN)
  • EVC mapped through the Switch Module (SM) to the network port or other Ethernet drop

Features and Benefits
  • SAToP as defined in IETF RFC 4553
  • Can be timed to the Total Access 5000 system via the SM
  • Can be timed to an NTP server
  • NTP timing distribution server
  • Differential RTP timestamp generation explicitly supported
  • Configurable SAToP payload size (25-958 bytes)
  • Configurable Jitter Buffer (1-100 ms)
  • Configurable RTP frequency (8kHz - 13.2 MHz)
  • Configurable RTP payload type (96-127, dynamically assigned values)
  • Configurable DSCP value (0-63)
  • Configurable VLAN priority (0-7)
  • MAC discovery via ARP
  • IPv4 encapsulation
  • UDP transport layer protocol
  • E1 Path Performance Monitoring
  • Pseudowire Performance Monitoring
  • Gigabit Ethernet Performance Monitoring
  • Packet Timing Statistics and Histogram
  • Compatible with the front access Total Access 5000 chassis