Total Access 850 Dual Chassis

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The Total Access 850 dual chassis configuration is a set of modular Integrated Access Devices (IAD) each providing two common slots and eight access slots for integrated voice and data applications
  • Two independent Total Access 850 chassis mounted side-by-side
  • Cost-effective T1 TDM or T1 ATM IAD depending on the controller module installed
  • Supports voice-only or voice and data (up to 24 FXS/FXO interfaces) applications
  • Integral FT1/DSX-1 port (activated by BCU L2 or RCU)
  • Integral IP router (10/100Base-T Ethernet interface), SNMP, and V.35 Nx56/64 interface for integrated data support and Internet access activated with any version of the RCU
  • Special AB slot for Nx56/64 data module (activates V.35 DTE when BCU L1/L2 is installed in system controller slot)
  • 50-pin female Amphenol connector for subscriber loop terminations
  • Total Access 850 requires two common modules, a PSU, and a BCU or RCU for operation

Features and Benefits
  • Modular IAD for grow-as-you-go functionality
  • Numerous interface modules to accommodate a variety of network needs
  • Cost-effective converged data, analog, and digital voice