NetVanta 4660

Part Number:

This 1st Gen product has been superseded with the NetVanta 4660 (2nd Gen) 17024660F1.

Our NetVanta 4660 is an integrated Layer 2/3 carrier Ethernet services providing a universal edge device supporting any mix of layer 3 IP VPN, layer 2 VPN (E-LINE/E-LAN), and internet access services.

Many carriers are facing the customer demand for receiving carrier Ethernet services and supporting layer 3 services, which often times requires multiple hardware platforms. ADTRAN’s NetVanta 4660 is designed to alleviate this burden providing the functionality of both in a single platform.

Platform capabilities of the NetVanta 4660 allow the following key service provider benefits:

  • Increases Service Agility through the integration of both a hosted and managed IP business gateway and a versatile carrier Ethernet over any media NID.
  • Improves Asset Utilization through reduced equipment obsolesces especially in the wake of ever-emerging premium business applications.
  • Simplifies IP Transformation by supporting both legacy and next generation services delivery over both legacy and emerging access technologies.
Supports Sustainability Goals with the elimination of multi-box aggregation and enterprise gateway solutions and optimized architectural models.
System Configurations
Carrier Ethernet Customer Edge Devices for converged Layer 2/3 service delivery as well as Ethernet services termination