OPTI-6100 SMX CPE Wallmount Cabinet

Part Number:

  • Designed to deploy up to 28 DSX-1 interfaces and two DS3s when OC-3 fed, or 28 DSX-1s and three DS3s when OC-12 fed
  • Ethernet over SONET (EoS) 10/100/1000 can also be deployed from this cabinet
  • Intended for indoor use at the customer premises

Bundled Components
Part Number: 1192043L1 CLEI: SOM5YSOFRA Quantity: 1
Part Number: 1184550L1 CLEI: SOPQAGJN_ _ Quantity: 1
Part Number: 1184527L1   Quantity: 1
Part Number: 1184514L1 CLEI: SOM5G00FRA Quantity: 1
Part Number: 1175043L3   Quantity: 2
Provides an AC power source for DC-powered Total Access chassis