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Employee Spotlights

Employee Spotlight: Sai

Rod: Mailroom, Huntsville

By day I work in the ADTRAN mailroom delivering mail all over the campus, but I am also an artist who loves to draw and sketch. Throughout the day I get to meet with almost everyone at our headquarters and I enjoy being able to take the burden off of others when it comes to shipping. Sending and receiving packages at work can get confusing, so I’m happy to assist with calculating rates, tracking and making the process as painless as possible. Outside of work I like reading and being outdoors but what I really enjoy is drawing, including scenic sketches and portraits.

Employee Spotlight: Sai

Sai: Staff Engineer, India

I am staff engineer working on 4xx ONT products at ADTRAN India R&D center. As a developer, I am involved with resolving customer/internal issues and implement new features for the ONT product line. In addition, provide onsite support if needed. Our team works on R&D of 4xx ONT product-line, which is the used for provisioning FTTH Triple Play services (Voice, video and Data) at customer premises. Our portfolio includes SFU & RGs to cater to different needs of our customers. The workplace environment at ADTRAN is the best I have come across. It is conducive for productive work and people here are amazing. The best part of my job is interacting with our customers and ensuring a satisfying experience. ADTRAN best connects people by engaging, being susceptive to the problems they face and resolving them. As well as staying ahead of the curve and developing new solutions that better connect people with innovation and technology.

Employee Spotlight: Jenny

Jenny: Creative Services Manager, Huntsville

My role is to elevate the brand by leading the design and marketing operations teams. My team’s role within ADTRAN is to increase brand awareness, brand alignment and promote the efficiency of movement with marketing operations. For me, the best part about working here is being present in the rotating circle of knowledge. There are so many skilled individuals at this company! I enjoy learning from other generations, and I love teaching others that good design is good business.

Employee Spotlight: Jack

Jack: User Experience Manager, Huntsville

I’m the User Experience Manager and I’m responsible for embedding user-centered methods and guiding the UX team and others to be promote empathy and understanding for our customers. The UX team works with product and service teams to research, evaluate, and design for customer experiences. I like having the ability to work with various departments to try to identify where there are opportunities for user experience improvements. Working with our product teams and direct customers is also something myself and the UX team have really valued and enjoyed. I enjoy being able to speak to our customers directly and hear about their experiences regarding ADTRAN and our products. It’s great being able to take that insight and come up with ways to improve the way they interact with us. I think ADTRAN always has the customer experience in mind when it comes to introducing new, innovative solutions. Our customers put a lot of trust in ADTRAN and see us a partner in evolving the way they operate and better serve their own customers.