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Corporate Overview

Quality Policy

"The ADTRAN team will provide Customers with dependable, cost effective, on-time products and services; we expect our products to perform without interruption to stated specifications."

TL9000 Quality Management System

The TL9000 standard was developed by the Quality Excellence for Suppliers of Telecommunications Leadership Forum (QuEST Forum), a consortium of over 100 suppliers and service providers in the telecommunications industry. ADTRAN was a founding member of the forum and continues to play a major role in the development, production, delivery, installation, and maintenance of products and services. The goal of these requirements is continual improvement in the telecommunications industry, resulting in potential cost savings for suppliers and service providers, and improved performance to end users of telecommunications services. TL9000 incorporates all of the requirements of ISO 9001, and additional best practices standards to the telecommunication industry.

ADTRAN developed a quality system in 1992, and obtained registration to ISO 9001 on December 22, 1993. ADTRAN was among the very first telecommunication suppliers to receive registration to TL9000 on January 25, 2000 at a QuEST Forum ceremony in Dallas, Texas.

TL9000 software registration was added in November of 2003. ADTRAN is currently registered to TL9000 hardware and software requirements.

ADTRAN Supplier Documentation Quality Certificates Policies Quality Representatives
Kevin HeeringSenior VP of Global Quality and Administration256-963-8569
Don BrannenQuality Director256-963-8482
Steve ShipleyProduct Qualification Director256-963-8181
Donny SmithCustomer Quality Engineer256-963-8242
George GilesSupplier Quality Manager256-963-8478
Christian MusiolDirector of Quality Engineering Support+49 89 411097 120
Sherry JamesQuality Process Manager256-963-8821


For concerns or questions, contact Donny Smith (Corporate) or Christian Musiol (Europe).

For Quality Management System (certification) inquiries, contact Sherry James.

ADTRAN Comitment to Quality