NetVanta UC Server software provides a comprehensive, low-cost approach to business communications featuring SIP telephony, Microsoft Active Directory integration and interoperability with legacy telephony systems. NetVanta UC Server software provides a complete, all-in-one business communications system suitable for 15-2000 users.

Administrative integration with Microsoft Active Directory allows IT administrators to manage the entire communications system using the same user accounts and security policies used in the Windows environment, automatically, without any programming or special integration.

NetVanta UC Server incorporates eight key capabilities to provide all your business communications system needs.

Active Directory Administration
NetVanta UC Server administration is integrated with Active Directory and managed from either an Active Directory MMC snap-in or NetVanta UC Client.
ODBC-Enabled IVR and CEBP
NetVanta UC Server incorporates a fully featured, standards-compliant Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) server to provide the common telephony features that you expect from legacy PBXs.
SIP Telephony for Business
NetVanta UC Server provides telephony services at your business location, branch offices, home offices and for users on the move, and supports SIP standards-compliant endpoints such as SIP telephones, soft-phones, video-phones and fax machines.
Legacy PBX Integration
NetVanta UC Server lets you leverage your existing investment and transition from legacy telephony to IT Telephony at your own pace.
Unified Messaging
NetVanta UC Server provides Unified Messaging and storage for your e-mail, voice-mail and faxes quickly and effectively using your e-mail client, and supports integrated messaging with your existing mail service provider.
AutoAttendants and Personal Call Control
NetVanta UC Server Software provides an auto-attendant and personal call control via its drag and drop, database enabled, graphical service creation environment.
UC Fax Server
NetVanta UC Server provides a full fax server.
UC Text-to-Speech
NetVanta UC Server provides a speech engine to conver text-to-speech, which enables listening to email messages from any telephone.