EDFA Optical Amplifiers

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The Optical Networking Edge (ONE) solution provides a complete integrated optical portfolio for edge and metro applications. The optical extension modules enable implementation of large optical networks and include the following modules:
  • Optical Booster Amplifier Module (OBAM) - 1174401G1 CLEI: BVUDAARC_ _
  • Optical Pre-Amplifier Module (OPAM) - 1174411G1 CLEI: BVUDAASC_ _

Features and Benefits
  • ONE integrated optical extension in the TA5000 provides a cost effective, right sized extended metro solution
  • Pay as you grow solution for service delivery, aggregation, transport and large optical networks
  • Reduce costly electrical regeneration by extending optical reach
  • Compact design, low power single slot modules
  • Optical amplification (EDFA) portfolio for pre, post (booster) and line amplifiers
  • Fiber and Bragg-Grating Dispersion Compensation Modules
  • Optical Supervisory Channel (OSC) for in-line management