Total Access 5000 23-Inch High Flow Fan Module

Part Number:

  • Consists of a sheet metal tray that holds eight 120 mm fans rated at a nominal -48 VDC
  • Mounted from the front of the rack and is installed into the top slot of the Total Access 5000 23-Inch Chassis (P/N 1187001G1) that is at Revision F or later
  • Designed to provide top exhaust, forced air ventilation to cool a fully populated chassis in applications where airflow exhaust from the top of the chassis is allowed

Features and Benefits
  • Temperature sensors measure the aggregate outlet air temperature
  • Sensor information is reported to the active Switch Module, which then calculates the necessary fan speed
  • Provides serial data for communication with the Switch Module
  • User replaceable 23-Inch Fan Filter (P/N 1187081G1), which is located below the lower module guide on the front of the chassis to filter incoming air
  • Utilizes flow through top of chassis exhaust for cabinet designs that require Top exhaust
  • For RT applications (65C): Supports a maximum of 100 W per slot up to a total of 2200 W
  • For CO applications (50C): Supports a maximum of 150 W per slot up to a total of 3200 W
  • Designed in conjuction with cabinet design such that the fan can be used in replacement installations as well as in new cabinet design