Total Access 5000 DS1 Voice Gateway 32-Port Line Module

Part Number:

  • Provides 32 DS1 interfaces for connection to a TDM voice switch

Features and Benefits
  • Provides 32 DS1 interfaces per module
  • Voice signaling via "Tunneled GR-303 over Ethernet" to remote POTS modules
  • Automatic detection algorithm locates new remote POTS modules installed into the node
  • Supports TR-08 signaling Mode I
  • Supports TR-08 signaling Mode II
  • Support for 3 GR-303 groups per module or 9 GR-303 groups per shelf
  • Supports 2048 CRVs and up to 28 DS1s per GR-303 group
  • Provides RFC 3985 Pseudowire Emulation Edge-to-Edge (PWE3) support
  • Provides RFC 4553 Structure-Agnostic Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) over Packet (SAToP) support
  • Supported by Total Access EMS