NetVanta 3458

Part Number:

A Multiservice Access Router that delivers the high-packet throughput required for IP Telephony, corporate connectivity, and Internet access. This performance-enhanced routing platform delivers wire-speed throughput, even with advanced services like QoS, NAT, and Firewall-enabled.
  • RapidRoute technology for greater performance
  • Dual Network Interface Module (NIM) slots 
  • Integral eight-port, nonblocking, Ethernet switch
  • Inherent URL filtering for easy content filtering
  • CompactFlash slot for auto-provisioning

  • Alternate Configurations
    • Part Number: 4200824G11#120    
      NetVanta 3458 bundled with an external PoE power supply
      Part Number: 4200824G2    
      NetVanta 3458 preconfigured with Enhanced Feature Pack (EFP) Software adding support for IPSec VPN and Voice Quality Monitoring (VQM)

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