NetVanta 3G Wireless Access NIM (Verizon)

Part Number:

Manufacturer Discontinued. There is no replacement for this part number.

The NetVanta 3G Wireless Access NIM is a plug-in module for ADTRAN's NetVanta routers supporting Verizon's Broadband Access Wireless Router serivce. It provides a standards-based 3G Code-Division Multiple Access (CDMA) interface for broadband access through cellular network connections with download rates exceeding 3 Mbps. The 3G NIM is designed to operate in the 800/1900 CDMA bands with dual-band dipole antennas - one primary and one diversity antenna.

Verizon Supported NetVanta 3G Platforms:
  NetVanta 3200 NetVanta 3205 NetVanta 3305