Mosaic Cloud Platform

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The Mosaic Cloud Platform unlocks control and management functions from the underlying network elements, enabling a more flexible, agile services delivery framework. The Mosaic Cloud Platform uses a multi-layered approach and consists of:

Features and Benefits

The Mosaic Cloud Platform orchestrates on-demand provisioning of services, applications and resources, from cloud-edge to subscriber-edge. It is based on the following logical functions:

Design: Service creation functions allow service providers to define reusable end-to-end services.

Orchestrate: Apply the predesigned service definition and automate turn up of end-to-end services. The orchestration process abstracts the creation of all intermediate resources including any virtual functions.

Assure: Provides service assurance functions to monitor, test, troubleshoot and repair services. This includes tools to perform analytics on collected data.

Manage: Resource management functions to manage inventory, software and firmware versions, users and user groups, security/passwords, etc.

View: A common graphical user interface for all of the above functions. The cloud platform can be accessed from any device anytime, anywhere.