Mosaic Cloud Platform

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The Mosaic Cloud Platform unlocks control and management functions from the underlying network elements, enabling a more flexible, agile services delivery framework. The Mosaic Cloud Platform uses a multi-layered approach and consists of:

Presentation Layer
Provides both graphical user interface (GUI) front-end while also providing a wide variety of northbound interface options for OSS integration. The flexible northbound interface provides both legacy and current-generation programmable APIs to fulfill every operator’s integration needs.

Orchestration Layer
Provides the business logic for creation and provisioning of services or applications. The orchestration layer consists of a collection of Network Management System (NMS) applications, built on open-source software, which are interconnected via Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that can scale independently without impacting the system.

Management and Control Layer
This includes a core, open, Software-Defined Network (SDN) controller (ONOS) and embedded applications that separate the underlying network complexity from the orchestration layer. The orchestration layer interacts with the SDN controller, over a REST interface, to execute the provisioning of services and applications.

Device Abstraction/Aggregation Layer
This includes device adapters and aggregators that connect the underlying physical and virtual network functions to the SDN controller. The device adapters and aggregators connect over a REST interface with the SDN controller. The SDN controller also interacts with legacy network elements using SNMP or legacy protocols.