OPTI-3 Wallmount Configuration with MX2800

Part Number:

Features and Benefits
  • Customized 12U 19? swing-gate lockable cabinet with louvers for ventilation
  • One OPTI-3 system (4184003L1)
  • One MX2800 System (1200290L1, 1202289L2, 1205288L2)
  • Fiber splice panel that includes shelf , splice tray , two six pack SC connector panels, 3 meter fiber jumpers pre-terminated from connector panel to OPTI-3
  • ADTRAN 7Ah battery string for battery backup shipped separately to wall mount outside the cabinet
  • Two ADTRAN 6A TA 1500 rectifiers for N+1 redundancy (1180043L2)
  • Power supply offset bracket used to mount 2 power supplies to rack
  • One 10/10 GMT Position Fuse Panel
  • One DS3 MPOP Shelf (1212073L1)
  • Each DS3 from OPTI-3 pre-wired direct to DS3 MPOP shelf via coax
  • Three DS3 MPOP modules (1212071L1)
  • Grounding bus on the inside of the cabinet with ground strapped to rack