So, you think you have what it takes to bring home a FREE T-Shirt. It's not going to be easy! There are two Challenge areas that you can choose from:  a NetVanta Router Challenge or a NetVanta Switch/Router. The applications for each are a little different:

The NetVanta Router Challenge

NetVanta Router Challenge
  • Do you know how to configure a T1 with a TDM-Group?
  • Can you set-up a cross-connect?
The NetVanta Switch/Router Challenge
NetVanta Router Challenge
  • Do you have a grasp of VLANs?
  • Can you set-up a security filter to protect a specific VLAN?

Regardless of which products you choose, you will have the opportunity to test your skills and qualify for a FREE t-shirt!  It's up to you - make your choice and get started today.